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Startups Wallet is an innovative data-centric startup founded on a technology portfolio that includes a powerful scraping engine for crowdfunding portals whose refinement took over two years of development, investment and the building of a dedicated data curation team.

With this dashboard you can analyze italian crowdinvesting market and know most famous dashboard on specific sector or location. You can discover also market trends and platforme/category/location trends. We are the only one who have those quality and rich data, there are some other dashboard but with no information on location, no category and no information on trends (because they did not automatized data).

That’s the news: crowd dashboard!

Startups Wallet collects several times a day in an automated way the trends of all Italian equity crowdfunding campaigns as of January 2021 and the lending crowdfunding trends as of January 2022 of all Italian and major European portals.


  • Italy (+40 equity/lending platforms)
  • Spain (beginning 2022)
  • France (mid-2022)
  • Germany (end of 2022)

We track investment and investor trends for every Italian platform, and we have trends broken down by category and location.

All data collected is available to be processed and analysed via our Crowd Dashboard, which is also accessible via API.

There are more than 40 platforms on only regarding Italy: 

  • company equity
  • company lending
  • real estate equity
  • real estate lending

We are committed to adding each new platform as quickly as possible.

Fundraising and investment statistics by platform

Furthermore, all campaigns are divided according to the status they are in:

  • coming soon
  • ongoing
  • closing
  • closed funded
  • closed not funded
  • refunded

What you can do with our dashboard

Through the Crowd Dashboard you can search through thousands of past and ongoing equity and lending crowdfunding campaigns, including real estate.

Through the filters you can select specific industry and business categories, select a specific geographic area, filter by campaign parameters such as minimum bid, time frame, fundraising performance. In addition, you can filter by specific lending sector parameters such as ROI.

Specifically, campaigns are normalized within the following categories:

  • Real Estate (this category includes all real estate value)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mobility & Transport
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & Science
  • Food & Drink
  • Finance and alternative finance
  • Medicine & Wellness
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Art, Design & Fashion
  • Services
  • Pet
  • Education & Training
  • Gardening & Agriculture
  • Aquatics & Nautical
  • Jobs & Job offers
  • Manufacturing
  • Software and application
crowd dashboard
Most funded categories in 2022

Every piece of data acquired by Startups Wallet undergoes a semi-automated validation process, with final human validation. You can select the time frame you want to analyse as well as the crowdfunding type and the specific location.

Startups Wallet
Time and crowd type filter
Funding and investment statistics by location

Who our dashboard is for

frame 12391



Find out which current campaigns are the most profitable, sort them by yield, filter by region and category, compare the data with similar campaigns and identify your best investment.

frame 12390

Raising entrepreneurs

Analyse the fundraising indexes divided by sector, month and geographical area, compare the fundraising rates for each category, identify the best time to start a campaign, establish the best conditions for your crowdfunding.

frame 12389



Use a data-driven approach to help your customers optimise their campaign, compare the collection size and speed of hundreds of campaigns and identify possible critical issues before launching.

frame 12388

Financial promoter

Get all performance information by category, geographic area and timing, collection timeseries per campaign, compare data and identify the best investment opportunities.

frame 12387



Analyse your crowdfunding campaign history, get volume and trend information by category, region, industry and trade, get ready-made reports or customize them with our raw data.

Request a demo of the Crowd Dashboard to discover the value of our data:

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